About Us

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Business overview

Having an average economic growth of 6.5 - 6.9% , Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and the third fastest growing economy in Asia. By contributing 10,2% of GDP in 2011, construction sector has been ranked as the fifth of the major sector supporting the national GDP. The growth of construction sector has always been over the average economic growth. Demand of the property which increases rapidly gives a great opportunity for companies in construction sector to grow. We, as a national mechanical and electrical contractor company, are here to be the part of high rise building construction collaborating with civil contractor to provide an enhanced system through the building.

Company background

There are some construction services in establishing a commercial building, such as hotels, malls, apartments, office tower, etc. The physic of the building would be assigned to Civil Contractor and the aesthetic of interior would be handled by Interior Designer. To make the building works properly, there are several mechanical and electrical systems to support the activities of the inhabitants inside. The installment of the system is done by the mechanical and electrical contractor.

History at a glance

PT. Wahyu Delta Parama was established on 14 March 1987 as a mechanical and electrical contractor. As a small enterprise in a single office room, PT. Wahyu Delta Parama got projects from relations and repeat orders. PT Wahyu Delta Parama has expanded from small to large scale projects. This has grown from the trust and mutual respect given to us by our customers and business partners. We attribute this success to our professionalism, hard work and total commitment to provide the highest return to our customers requirements of quality, speed, safety, cost savings and energy efficiency.


To be an organization known for quality, integrity, respect, fair dealing, and commitment for the stakeholders. 


  • Full commitment to create a credible business relationships among suppliers, business partners, and third parties.
  • Enhance the best working performance for the customers by providing materials as required and dedicated qualified workers to accomplish the project on time.
  • Maintain business model sustainability by creating a continuous and repetitious working order.
  • Increase company competitive advantage by process learning, system impovement, especially in effectivity and effiency.      


As a way to harmonize our vision and mission in doing our working process, our motto is keeping up our corporate values in purpose to maximize our achievement and to make all pf working process could go well with a good quality.

Corporate values

•    Committed to quality
•    Customer-oriented
•    Perfection and optimalization
•    Consistent 
•    Capability improvement

•    High integrity
•    Trustworthy and reliable
•    Fair towards everyone
•    Committed to promises
•    Respect to people

•    Cooperative
•    Adaptive to the changing world
•    Future-oriented
•    Proud of profession and results
•    Continuous learning


Scope of mechanical and electrical works

Mechanical construction services, we provide :

  1. Fire fighting system installation, such as Jockey pump, Electric Fire Pump, Diesel Fire Pump, Sprinkler and Hydrant. 
  2. Plumbing installation, such as piping, sanitary,booster pump, and transfer pump to create water treatment system, waste system, clean water system, drainage system.
  3. Ventilation and air conditioning (AC), include: exhaust fan, air distribution with ducting system, chiller, AC Splitduct, AC VRV, AC Split Wall Mounted, etc. 

Electrical construction services, we provide :

  1. Electrical installation, such as low- medium voltage main panel installation, transformator, generatorm Instalasi listrik, distribution panel, feeder cable, indoor and outdoor lightning, etc. 
  2. Telephone installation, such as cable connection from Telkom, MDF (Main Distribution Frame), PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange), telephone outlet and handset. 
  3. Sound system installation, such as main equipment for announcement, public address, paging, carcall, various type of speaker.
  4. Fire alarm installment, such as Master Control Fire Alarm (MCFA), smoke detector, heat detector, alarm bell, flash lamp, manual break glass, etc. 
  5. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), such as central camera and central monitor.
  6. MATV (Master Antenna Television), such as Centralized Channel Distribution and TV outlet. 
  7. Data network installment, data cable and data outlet.